Coronavirus FAQ’s

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (updated 5th June 2020)

1. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The symptoms are:
 New continuous cough
 Fever
 Loss or a change in your normal sense of smell or taste.

2. What will happen if my child shows symptoms of coronavirus whilst in school?

You will be contacted and asked to collect your child from school immediately. We ask you to wait outside and we will bring your child to you. You should then arrange to get your child tested and a leaflet will be handed to you explaining the procedure. If the test is negative your child may return back to school; if it is a positive test your child must isolate for 14 days with the family. We will also contact parents of children who were attending the same class and they will have to do the same.

3. What will happen if a child, other than my own child, shows symptoms of coronavirus whilst in school?

The parent/carer of any child showing symptoms will be contacted and asked to collect their child immediately and follow the same procedures as in Question 2.

4. My child is in one of the specified year groups and I don’t want to send him/her to school, what will happen?

We completely understand if you feel uncomfortable about sending your child/children into school and you will not be fined or penalised for this if you choose not to. In this scenario please continue with the home learning packs available on our website and the activities set on Twitter.

5. How will the school manage social distancing?

Children will be put into small learning and social ‘bubbles’ of between 8 – 11 children and this ‘bubble’ will stay together throughout the day. This is to support social distancing guidelines. However, even though we have tried to think of every eventuality, we cannot guarantee that ‘bubbles’ will be kept separate from each other, nor that children and staff will maintain a two metre distance at all times, however we will do our best. Please see the Risk Assessment on our website for more guidance.

6. How will my child be kept safe at school?

Our normal safeguarding procedures are in place. There are also new signs around the school to remind staff and children what they need to do to protect themselves whilst in school. Children will watch video guidance on how to stay safe within school; hand-sanitisers have been placed around the school at key entrances; children will be encouraged to wash their hands at key points during the day; social ‘bubbles’ will support social distancing (see Question 5); staggered entrance and exit times for pupils and staggered and lunch times; cleaning will take place throughout the day. Please see the Risk Assessment on our website for more guidance.

7. Will my child have to wear school uniform?

Children are not required to wear school uniform however they must wear suitable clothing. Jewellery, including stud earrings, is not permitted. On hot days please provide your child with a hat and ensure they are wearing sun-cream.

8. What can my child bring with them to school?

Children should only bring a water bottle and a suitable coat for inclement weather, they should not bring bags to school. Children who do not have a school meal can bring a packed lunch from home.

9. How will parents remain a two metre distance apart when dropping off/collecting children from school?

Two metre distancing tape will only be placed outside the key entrances and we ask parents to social distance at two metres as per the Government guidelines. If you wish to speak to other parents please do this at a social distance.

10. What do I do if my children have different drop off and pick up times?

Please contact the school office and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

11. Why can you not offer full-time places for the key year groups (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6)?

The protection of pupils and staff is our priority. Due to the size of the classrooms, the amount of staff required, the dining hall and the number of children we have to accommodate, it is not possible for all eligible children to be in school at the same time, whilst observing the social distancing guidelines which we have to adhere to.

12. Is my child entitled to a place if they have an EHCP?

Yes. A child is entitled to a place if they have a confirmed EHCP (not pending). However, the SEND team will have contacted you to talk through your child’s risk assessments and informed you whether it is safe or appropriate for your child to attend school. The changes that have had to be made at school can be quite upsetting for children with additional needs. We appreciate parent support with this matter.

13. Will I still be eligible for the Free School Meals Vouchers, even if my child is in school?

Eligible children in school will receive a school meal. Those not in school will continue to receive the Free School Meals vouchers.

14. My child does not have a place and is either in the specified year groups, a child of two Key Workers or vulnerable, can my child come to school on Monday 8th June?

No. If you have not responded to the parent questionnaire or spoken to Mrs Williams or Mrs Ainsworth we will not have allocated a place to your child. Due to safety guidelines we need to plan this carefully. You must contact the school office and we will try our best to accommodate this.

15. One of my children is in the specified year group and my other child isn’t. Can they both come to school?

No. Only children in the specified year groups can come to school.

16. My child is in the specified year group and I advised the school that I didn’t want a place. If I change my mind can I bring my child to school on Monday 8th June?

No. You must contact the school office and we will try our best to accommodate this. However, if our numbers start to increase we may only be able to offer part-time places for part of the week to all pupils within the specified year groups.

17. My child has not been allocated his/her usual class teacher?

We cannot guarantee that pupils will be placed with their usual class teacher due to the following reasons:  Some of our staff have to remain at home due to health reasons.  Children have been placed in groups of between 8- 11 pupils and a teacher/teaching assistant has been assigned to each group.

18. How have the children’s bubbles been selected?
 By year group.
 Key worker group/vulnerable pupils have been grouped together.
 Part-time pupils have been grouped together.

19. Can my child walk to and from school?

Yes, as long as your child understands the requirements in terms of social distancing on their way to and from school.

20. Do the kids get a break?

Yes, pupils will get a break time.

21. Can my child wear a face mask at school?

No. Government guidelines say that staff and pupils do not need to wear masks in school.

22. Who will be supervising the Keyworker and vulnerable children bubbles when the teachers go back to their classes?

The Keyworker and vulnerable bubbles will also be staffed by teachers and teaching assistants just the same as the class bubbles. These will continue to be grouped in age groups.

23. Will my keyworker/vulnerable child have the chance to do the work what the other children are doing in class?

The keyworker/vulnerable children will be able to complete the same work as the children in their year group bubbles.

24. Is Breakfast Club available?

Breakfast Club is only available to keyworker and vulnerable families. It will be open at 8.00am each day. Access school via the Brierwood entrance and walk around to the door at the side of the hall.

25. If my child has a keyworker place, does he/she have to attend every day?

No, they don’t have to attend every day but please can we ask that you let us know in advance to enable us to free up some space for someone on the waiting list.

26. Can my child attend for half days?

Yes, but again, please let us know in advance. A member of staff from your child’s bubble would meet you at an arranged time at  an allocated exit point.