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Many of us have long-standing connections to Tonge Moor Primary School. Some of us even came to this school when we were young. Most of us have children who have either attended Tonge Moor Primary or who are currently enjoying their education at our school.

The one thing we all have in common is that we believe that the children and staff at Tonge Moor Primary are outstanding in every way! As governors we are very proud of our school – the children work hard and are well-behaved but they are also recognised as being individuals and are given plenty of opportunities to have fun whilst they learn. The staff work long hours to ensure that the children receive the best education possible while providing all the care and attention necessary.

What are school governors?

Legally appointed volunteer advisors, helping school be the best it can. There are a number of different types of governors parents, staff, Co-opted and Local Authority. Governors are appointed for terms of four years.

Tonge Moor Primary School

Governing Body Committee Arrangements and Delegation Structure 2016/2017

Committee working is an effective tool in managing the increasing demands and workload expected of governing bodies with many governing bodies carrying out a lot of their business through them. It enables a smaller more strategic group of governors to discuss specific matters which have been delegated to them by the full governing body in much further detail. Committee membership, terms of reference and delegation structures must be agreed at a full governing body meeting and changes to membership can also only be agreed at a full governing body meeting. It is recommended that Committees be reviewed annually to ensure that they are fit for purpose and up to date.

Governors may be appointed to committees to utilise their own specific skills or because of their interest in the subject area. It is important to remember that all committee meetings must be clerked and managed in the same way as a governing body meeting i.e. agendas and minutes should be produced and circulated in a timely manner.  Chairs of committees should be appointed by the Governing Body or alternatively this may be delegated to the individual committees. The Head Teacher cannot be appointed as Clerk or Chair of a Committee.  Whilst another governor may act as clerk to a committee meeting, it is highly recommended that an external person is employed to minute the meeting as it is often difficult to take detailed minutes whilst taking part in full discussion. The quorum for a committee meeting to take place is a minimum of three governors who are agreed members of that committee.

Self-Evaluation and the Ofsted Framework

Monitoring and evaluating is a key aspect of governors’ strategic responsibilities and should be part of the school’s overall programme for self-evaluation. It is also an essential requirement for school improvement. Committee working can assist in this process and by linking individual committees to the key judgements within the Ofsted framework, governors are able to effectively monitor and evaluate how the senior leadership team have considered these judgements and what actions or measures have been put into place to demonstrate this.

School self-evaluation also highlights the need for Governing Bodies to effectively monitor and evaluate the impact of school policies on standards and quality of provision.

Working Committees and Key Areas of Responsilbiity

 Working Committees manage the regular workload of the Governing Body and are recommended to meet at least once per term. Specific matters and school policies may be delegated to these committees in order for a smaller group of governors to consider and where appropriate agree matters on behalf of the Governing Body.



Statutory Committees


Statutory committees only meet when required relating to matters such as staff discipline and appeals, pupil discipline and complaints.

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