Tonge Moor Academy

Welcome to Our School

Tonge Moor Academy is a local school in East Bolton with a global perspective. Generations of children have been educated here for over one hundred years. Since the school began it has played an important part of the local community.  We offer an exciting curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, music, drama and dance.

Today around 400 children attend the school from the age of three to eleven.  We have a fully equipped library in the Headquarters building and a purpose built ICT suite in the Great Hall.

Our school aims to meet the needs of each individual pupil in a secure and stimulating environment. We also aim to build secure relationships with parent & carers, giving support when needed. Parents are so important to children’s learning that school decided to take part in the Leading Parent Partnership Award, LPPA. This has helped school and parents to work together more effectively for our children’s learning.

Tonge Moor Academy is here to serve the children, families and local community, not only by the education it provides, but also through all the features of an extended school. Parents come to Tonge Moor and find a welcome for themselves and their children. Please contact us if you would like to know more or have a tour of the school. We hope that your child will enjoy their time here and learn the skills necessary to take their place in the world. We look forward to being partners in your child’s learning.