Class Assemblies


Class assemblies take place on Wednesdays, Please see the list below to find out when each classes assembly will take place. Please note that these dates are subject to change, if the dates change for any reason we will update parents via Twitter- 


w/c 11th Oct- 2D (13th Oct)

w/c 18th Oct- ECO (20th Oct)

w/c 15th Nov- 1K (17th Nov)

w/c 22nd Nov- Worship Crew (24th Nov)

w/c 29th Nov- 3G (1st Dec)

w/c 6th Dec- 6M (8th Dec)

w/c 13th Dec- 5A (15th Dec)

w/c 24th Jan- 1R (26th Jan)

w/c 31st Jan- 4P (2nd Feb)

w/c 7th Mar- 2L (9th Mar)

w/c 14th Mar- 5G (16th Mar)

w/c 28th Mar- 6J (30th Mar)

w/c 2nd May- 4D (4th May)

w/c 9th May- 3P (11th May)

w/c 27th June- RP (29th Jun)

w/c 4th July- RW (6th Jul)