Worship Crew

This year, the ‘Worship Crew’ was given the privilege of choosing the school charity. During their meetings, the children thought long and hard about which charity they wished to choose. Once all children had decided their chosen charity, they went away and gathered research in preparation for their next meeting, where they were to present their findings. Each child presented their chosen charity with reasons why they wanted this to be the school’s charity. It was a tricky choice as the children presented their findings so beautifully. After a vote and a discussion, it was finally decided that Tonge Moor’s charity this year is Cancer Research. The Worship Crew realised that this is close to many people hearts as many loved ones have fought against cancer. As a result of choosing this charity, the Worship Crew will be thinking of a variety of ways Tonge Moor can fundraise to help and support those families who are battling against cancer.


In today’s Worship Crew meeting, we presented our chosen charity to each other and voted for our favorite charity that the school can fundraise for. We decided on Cancer Research as this is a charity close to many people’s hearts. In the upcoming weeks,  we will be thinking of lots of fun and exciting ways the school can fundraise for Cancer Research.